• Experience in defining and developing leadership for over 20 years.

  • Highly Apt credentials and content.

  • Highly qualified panel of elite Consultants.

  • In-house interventions.

  • Offsite outbound workshops.

Who we are
  • Effective tool for training, retraining and retaining skill sets.

  • Designed to provide working executives with state-of-art concepts and practices in management.

  • With the objective to provide insights into managerial concepts. Read More

Management Development Programs
  • Training and development to become world-class leaders and executives.

  • Moving from entrepreneurship to professional management & leadership best practices.

  • System and tools developed from experience to Grow the business. Read More

CEO & Entrepreneur Bootcamps
  • Broad range of activities to renew / assist faculty in their many roles.

  • Common goal of the programs is to develop the potential of the existing resources and structures of institutions by viewing and using them in creative ways via:

  • Staff development

  • Organizational development

  • Change management Read More

Faculty Development Programs
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We are E-Learing solution Company,run by decade old and professionally experienced team.We have ISO 9001:2008 Certificate and Excellent track record also have More than 2000 hours of eLearning content.

Axis-v is known for its keen focus on quality and value. We believe that anything that we do, should give the best value to our customers. Read More




    Web Development


    Teacher training

  • English at Ease
  • Skills Learn
  • Test at Ease
  • Train at Ease
  • ELearning content
  • LMS
  • Web
  • Design
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