The pulses is carefuly selected and procured before being processed at the K.M.R.Karthikeyan factory. The firm has excellent relationship management not only with customers but also with all its vendors, to ensure timely procurement and thus timely processing and delivery. It is equally important to value a vendor as a customer. Our vendor relationship gives confidence on our delivery promise to our customers.

We procure pulses from vendors specializing in them. The below table provides a glimpse of the various geographical locations of our vendors classified by pulses procured:

Product Name   Local International
  Urud Dal   Andhra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu Burma
  Tuvar Dal   Maharastra -
  Moong Dal   Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu Burma, Australia
  Lentils   - USA
  Masoor   - USA, Canada
  Peas   - -


Once the pulses reache our warehouse we segregate our them for initial quality checks. Before processing, the pulses are washed, cleaned, as all the unwanted dust and mud sticking to the pulses are separated out and disposed. This initial process of pre-processing is to ensure the pulses are clean even before processing.

During the processing stage, the skin from the pre-processed pulses are removed through silting process and pulses are split and packed as required, while the left behind husk is packed separately. During the processing stage the output ratio of pulses to husk is an approximately 80% pulses to a 20% husk.

The husk is packed separately. The husk is used for manufacturing high quality animal feed.


Storage is one of the critical and challenging activity in our business. We have handled this with our decades of experience and deep knowledge in the industry.

We have warehouses with variety of capacity and sizes.

We have warehouses of varied size ranges as below, that help us store the products:

30' x 30' 30' x 40' 30' x 70'

All the warehouses ensures safety, protection for the stored goods and enhance the shelf life of the products.


Packing is vital, as the product is under the edible category. Packing has to be kept intact especially when it is transported to long distance customers. We provide safe and eco friendly packing materials. All the packing materials used are as prescribed by Govt. of India for MSME's.

We provide packing on different sizes based on customer requests.

The packing ranges available are:

25Kg, 50Kg, 75Kg, and 100Kg in gunny and plastic bags.