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We offer Marketing Research as a blend of Art (methodology to suit product, market and customer fit) & Science (statistically & significantly actionable insights) for effective & efficient Decision Making towards Maximizing RoI.

Our dedicated team of Researchers and Project Management Professionals from the MR Industry with over two dozen years of experience strive to ensure that our Customer Satisfaction is at its best as always.

Our Forte

  • Understand and Segmenting Customers for focused targeting
  • Evaluate and Identify need-gaps in Market, Category, Brand, Products and Services for opportunity identification.

End-to-end Market Research solutions

  • Collating all Research data meaningfully
  • Integrating it with Secondary, Internal and Business Data
  • Identifying & Addressing Research Issues with respect to: Corporate, Brand, Product, Service, Communication, Pricing, Packaging, Retail.

Research Methodology

Qualitative: Variety of Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), In-depth Detailed Interviews (IDIs), Accompanied & Unaccompanied Observations.

Quantitative: › Face to Face Personal Interviewing, ›Computer Aided - Personal (CAPI), Telephonic (CATI) and Web based (CAWI), Interviewing, Mystery Audits

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  • Spread across Brand & Communication, Market Mapping & Segmentation, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty, Pricing, Clinics across Sectors
  • Social Research, Psephology
  • Workshops on: Root Cause Analysis for Product, Service development Qualitative methods of Projective Techniques, Ethnography and Semiotics.


Our offerings range from Statistical Analytics, Fore-casting and Predictive modelling across:

  • Product & Service Quality
  • Brand & Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Retail – Supply Chain
  • Pricing
  • Return on Investments & Financial Performance