Outcome centric Insights


Analytics Advisory Services

Advanced Decision Sciences experience in Econometric modeling, Optimization, Text mining, Forecasting, Machine Learning etc, with statistical and algorithmic depthRead More

Research Advisory Services

Traditional Market Research and, Desk & Social Media Research capabilities delivering insights on a standalone or combinatorial basisRead More

Web Based Solutions

    • cap
    • CAPstone™
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    • PreciseMetrics™

App Based Solutions

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    • Serve Smart
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    • Research On Demand (RoD)

Big Data Advisory Services

  • Big Data hub design (MongoDB, Cassandra)

  • Batch Processing (Hadoop)

  • Query CapabilitiesRead More

BI Design Services

  • Management Dashboards

  • Critical Decision Support Systems

  • Legacy Systems Integrated BIRead More

BI & Mobility App Developm

  • Enterprise Application development

  • Mobile/web app development

  • Big Data App developmentRead More