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“House” is one of the basic needs of a human being ranking in importance next to food and clothing. A house provides shelter and protection to the human life. The journey of the mankind from the caves and trees to the present situation is really inspiring.

The uncontrolled growth in population and other factors has created acute housing shortage in our country. The Government of India has assigned a vital role to housing cooperatives in the national housing policy to solve the housing problems and shortage in our country. The housing cooperatives have also contributed significant role in solving the housing problems.

In Tamil Nadu Housing cooperatives were started even as early as 1913 and few more societies were started in the succeeding years.

These Societies provided loans for construction of new House only. Though the primaries are willing to issue loans for the purpose of improvements, alterations and discharge of prior debts etc., the bylaws of the primaries have not permitted it.

Hence from the year 1942 onwards the name of the primaries have been changed as “Primary Cooperative House Mortgage Banks”. The following Primary Cooperative House Mortgage Banks are initially functioning in Tamil Nadu.

  • Coimbatore Cooperative House Mortgage Bank
  • Madras City Cooperative House Mortgage Bank
  • Governments Servants and Public Servants Cooperative House Mortgage Bank, Madras
  • Erode Cooperative House Mortgage Bank
  • Thanjavur Cooperative House Mortgage Bank
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